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My name is Charles Chasie. I have been a journalist, researcher, writer/author etc. 

I joined Strong Future International (SFI) in 2013 but while spending thousands of dollars I had treated the program more as a past time, interested in entertaining myself with games and auctions.

But all of us also carry a larger responsibility to society. And I want to help as many as possible if they are interested and are willing to work to improve their situations and quality of life.
In this, I believe, I have also found a new friend and good human being – hence my website and launching out in this new field.     

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Earrings. All Same Price. $15.00 Per Item.


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My Book Corner.



Hand made Wildflower Greetting Cards. 

Price $15 Per Pack of 6 plus postage.



Tribal Shawls! ( Adult size - Ladies and Gents)

Price : $ 120-150 per piece plus postage. 

(Depending on design intricacy it takes about one month to hand weave one shawl)



Great range of Tribal Jackets.  $50.00 Per Item Plus Postage.



Highly recommended Tour Agency.




Other Gift Items.  Price : $ 15 per piece plus postage.



Woven bags.  other designs available  



Mens Ties & Woven diary/book cover with flap and zip.  other designs available  



Woven Ladies bag & Ladies purse with zip.
other designs available  


NB:  All above products/item are just a minuscule selection of designs and products available. Anyone interested in ethnic/tribal products may inquire area of interest at the store email address for more details. Shipping costs differ for different countries. All orders will be mutually agreed to before dispatching and each item will be sent by Speed post with a tracking number.

The Road to Kohima : This is an account of the Battle of Kohima in the Burma Campaign and the Japanese route from Burma to Kohima, their furthest reach westward. But more than that it is about a tribal people who were caught up in a war that was not theirs and how their traditional society was destroyed forever and why they find themselves where they are today! It is a new genre in this sense. An edited version is soon expected.

The Naga Memorandum to Simon Commission: This document is the first formal expression of the Naga tribes being a people, distinct from “India”, and provides the backdrop why there was armed conflict with the Union of India for over 60 years and still to find a lasting solution.

Key Words:  This book is a glossary of 16 tribe languages spoken in Nagaland, most of them in the “vulnerable” category of the UNESCO.  

The Naga Imbroglio:  This is a quick read for anyone who would like to know about the Naga people, their origins, culture, character and their journey as a people and conflicts with Government of India. Widely accepted by both Nagas, and mainland Indians including its military personnel. This will go into reprint soon. 

Necklaces :
 All Same Price. $15.00 Per Item.


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