With over 8.5 million members, SFI/Triple Clicks offers tremendous opportunities for people to earn.

On the other hand, many societies are burdened with “educated unemployed” youth and their numbers keep rising!
Different people have different talents.
Some are academically outstanding and we need them.
There may be some others who may not be shining examples of breaking academic records but may still be skilled in computers and IT.
And online business gives them the chance to pursue their talents and what they enjoy doing.
What more do you want than to do what you like and getting paid for it!

The region I come from (Northeast India) has great advantages and potentials.
This region is very rich in biodiversity (Scientists now generally agree that NE India along with SE Asia represents the original home of the world’s flowering plants!) as well as social and cultural diversity – biodiversity of flora and fauna, but also of human kind.
Some say about 400 languages are spoken here (excluding Mainland India).

The region represented the Alternative Silk Route to China (as opposed to Marco Polo’s Silk Route) and was a major centre of world trade by around 150 AD.

The region also represents the meeting point of the Brown and Yellow races. And this was where the Japanese War Machine was halted during the WWII.

The region had the highest per capita income and was the largest earner of foreign exchange (tea and oil being the main contributors) at the time of India’s independence.

With English as the medium of instruction the region continues to enjoy advantages compared to the rest of India. North East India is the natural gateway to South East Asia –

India’s Look/Act East Policy has been built around such potentials to reach the “Tiger Economies” of SE Asia.   

With such potentials why should there be educated unemployed in the region? True, things are never as simple as they appear.

The region has been mired in conflicts and violence. For example, the entire history of my own people, the Nagas, was about violence and conflict – from head-hunting to fighting the British Colonialists, to WWII, to Indo-Naga Conflicts.

But the time has come to look for solutions and to keep helping to ease things in people’s lives. (If these efforts can help even a little to ease the lives of a few people I shall be content).

The bonus of this program is that there is a multiplier effect in what we do here. The benefits are shared and it is programmed to always result in win-win situations.

The program is also geared towards making each one a better person if they choose to do so. To paraphrase my friend, Maree, everyday becomes Christmas with Santa Claus coming to us bearing gifts!

You want to wait?!
“You can get what you want if you help enough people to get what they want!”
 My Store!

My Store offers some samples of indigenous Naga cultural items at this time.

The items/products will increase and will even become a pot-pourri because I will be adding from Triple Clicks and ECA/Rewardical friends so that it becomes a truly international Store with something for everyone.

There should be no problem for those who are interested in exotic, ethnic indigenous products. Please make inquiries about your interests because the variety and numbers are too large to list all of them here.  

Most of all, I look at this initiative to bring people closer to one another. We all have so much good to give and share with each other. Instead of spreading poison and tearing the fabric of humankind, why not we all contribute the best in our cultures and strengthen the bonds of humanity.

So, while we earn and make our lives comfortable, we can also bring better understanding in the world.

“If you have a friend from another country, you can never hate that country for the sake of your friend!” Frank Buchman 

Welcome. My name is Charles Chasie. I have been a journalist, researcher, writer/author etc.  And most people in my area will know me as such.

I joined Strong Future International (SFI) in 2013 but while spending thousands of dollars I had treated the program more as a past time, interested in entertaining myself with games and auctions.

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All of us also carry a larger responsibility to society.

And I want to help as many as possible if they are interested and are willing to work to improve their situations and quality of life.
In this, I believe, I have also found a new friend and good human being – hence my website and launching out in this new business venture, leveraging my income with numerous different online opportunities.